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Vegetable Egg Scramble


People often ask me what I like to eat when I am not working on recipes for an assignment. This vegetable scramble is a pretty typical breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner at my table. It uses up leftover vegetables and is wholly satisfying. This version was comprised of corn, broccoli and goat cheese.  I also favor sauteed mushrooms, broccoli […]

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Fish Fridays – Snapper (or Cod) with Tomatillo Sauce


Tomatillos have many names and in fact tomatillo in Spanish means “little green tomato”. Many poeple think tomatillos are unripened tomatoes. In fact they are members of the tomato family but related to the gooseberry. I don’t think I’ve ever had raw tomatillos as they are usually cooked. They are the main feature in green […]

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A Partridge in a Pine Tree


If you are a vegetarian for ethical reasons or you belong to the anti-hunting camp, please click here for a post about making homemade applesauce, a perfect project for the weekend. If you are a big fan of eating local or if you agree with Michael Pollan’s gospel of understanding of where your food comes […]

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Layered Sesame Noodles with Chicken


If you are looking for a back to school recipe to get you through an over-scheduled afternoon, I have just the thing for you.  This salad is chopped, assembled and dressed ahead of time so all you have to do is toss and eat.  It is seriously quick too. Layered Sesame Noodles with Chicken Dressing […]

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Slow Roasted Chicken a la Michael Chiarello


I’ve been hankering to make this chicken from Michael Chiarello’s Casual Cooking for a while now. A call from a friend shopping at Marshall’s (who knows that this Flavorista loves Le Creuset) alerting me to a sale on their blue oval casseroles, cinched it for my dinner plans. Not one to follow a recipe exactly, […]

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Hot Summer Nights = Chinois Chicken Salad


Wolfgang Puck immortalized this recipe; it is an easy no-cook dinner for any hot and steamy summer night. I bought a rotisserie chicken and pulled the meat off.  The dressing takes seconds and you can use many vegetable combinations: Shredded carrots, slivered Napa cabbage, snow peas, edamame, romaine lettuce and cucumbers are all great choices. […]

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Spanish-Inspired Spicy Potatoes with Chorizo


A few weeks back, we were invited to participate in a recipe contest using Tasteful Selections baby potatoes.  Being a lover of the spud, I couldn’t refuse!  Aren’t they the cutest potatoes you have ever seen? My intention was to come up with a quick cooking dinner that could be served al fresco with some […]

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Carrot Salad with Walnuts and Raisins


This is the 2nd carrot salad recipe in a series of three inspired by my new julienne slicer.  Carrots can be very ubiquitous but with these salads I am rethinking the orange-hued, budget-friendly, workhorse vegetable.  I am loving carrot salads, they really brighten up standard cookout offerings. This salad comes to us via Dorie Greenspan.  […]

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Meatless Monday – Summer Wheatberry Salad


We recently became the recipients of some Montana wheatberries via Marco’s banjo teacher, Kevin, who is trying to work his way through a 40 lb. bag.  Always up for a challenge, I immediately thought about some summery salads that would incorporate wheatberries There was some trial and error with regard to cooking the wheatberries but […]

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Meatless Monday – The Humble Frittata


Back in the day of large shoulder pads (and you know we all wore them) the fritatta was very popular with caterers. They are essentially baked omelettes and lend themselves to many iterations. Frittatas are perfect for an easy Meatless Monday. You can make them thick or thin, round or square, with loads of vegetables, […]

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