Noe Valley Bakery – “Nothing Really Happens without Cake…”


On a recent jaunt to San Francisco, I had to stop into Noe Valley Bakery and grab the family favorites: Double Raisin Bread, teeming with plump juicy raisins, Chocolate Cherry Bread, chunks of dark chocolate and whole preserved cherries, and a new favorite, Apricot Ginger Bread. The founders of Noe Valley Bakery are a husband and wife team that know their way around a mixer and an oven.  Their breadsticks are the absolute best, light, thin and very crispy. There are several varieties of wonderful cupcakes (think homemade Hostess Cupcake, chocolate dipped with whipped cream filling) and even a new cream filled chocolate wafer (think homemade Oreo).

For those lucky enough to live near by, they offer a whole line of ready to bake cookies, uncooked pie crusts and puff pastry! Owners, Michael and Mary Gassen, have created a true gem. If you are in S.F. make this a destination.  It is definitely one of the places that I miss the most living here in Colorado.

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