The Surprising Story of Milk Through the Ages


This was one of those books that I bought for myself during the holidays. I have really enjoyed perusing it and look foward to trying many of the recipes. In case you are wondering, it is really more of a cookbook than a history book and the recipes are from around the world.

Anne Mendelson does a great job of voicing her opinion through solid research. I agree with her 100% that non-homogenized milk is the best and that ultra-pasteurized milk does nothing but make it easier for the milk to sit in warehouses longer (certainly not open in your refrigerator).

I am a dairy snob and a proponent of buying milk from local dairies.  She has confirmed my tendency. Having made yogurt, I am very intrigued by how relatively easy her recipes for soft cheeses like ricotta, paneer, cream cheese and mozzerella seem. My New Year’s resolution is to try some of these recipes.  I promise to keep you posted.

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