Tartine – San Francisco



Tartine is an amazing place. I am stunned at the number of truly high quality products they produce. The morning bun, while the size of a newborn baby’s head, is a heavenly treat with just the right amount of orange zest and cinnamon sugar. The Niman Ranch ham and Gruyere cheese croissant is unbelievable and I don’t ever want to know how many calories it has.

There are some many things to choose but the bread is truly their signature product. The bakery is owned by a husband and wife team.  In the name of keeping their family together, they release the bread at 5:00pm – no 2:00am baker’s hours. Although these guys have so much traffic and offer such a plethora of incredible products I can’t imagine their ovens are ever cold.


On a recent visit to San Francisco I brought the lemon meringue cake for a birthday party. Not being a huge fan myself, remodelista Julie assured me it would be well recevied. Instead of making it into a pie with big gloppy globs of lemon curd, they make it into a layer cake. Not only stunning it is also as light as air and delicious. I do not own the cookbook and I must say that I am slightly intimidated by it. It is now on my wish list.


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