Smoked Trout Rilettes


The word rilettes is French and traditionally rilettes take hours to cook. The word is more about how the final product looks, shreded and rather creamy. This recipe is neither. It’s quick to make and most likey would never be considered a rilette, except for the end result of it’s texture.

This is a lovely way to serve smoked trout as an appetizer. It takes minutes to prepare and has only 5 ingredients, including the crackers.  I only use creme fraiche. It is not as sour as American sour cream and it has a better consistency so don’t substitute. If you must, then mix cream cheese and sour cream together (25/75% blend).

While these are technically not true rilettes the consistency is similar and the results are wonderful. This schmootz does double duty as an omelette filling.

Smoked Trout Rilettes

2 boneless smoked trout, skin removed
7 Tbsp. creme fraiche
3 Tbsp. chopped fresh chives
freshly ground black pepper

With your fingers, gently shred the trout meat into small pieces. Add the creme fraiche and with a fork, gently mix into the trout. Add the chives and pepper and then blend with the fork again. Serve with crostini or any cracker of your choice.


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