Summer Sip – Panaché


There are many versions of beer and lemonade cocktails.  The English have shandies, the Germans have Radlers and the French have Panachés.  I am going to have to side with the French on this one.

I learned about this beer cocktail many moons ago at a Summer Fancy Food Show and have been enjoying it every summer since.  The French lemonade can be a bit hard to find.  When I see it, I stock up.  Any type of bottled, effervescent lemonade can be substituted.


What I like about Panaché is that it knocks the alcohol content down a bit and ups the hydration factor – perfect for summer sipping.  These beer cocktails are very refreshing and definitely easy to drink.

Panaché Cocktail

Chilled French Lemonade
Chilled Lager Beer

Fill a glass half full with lemonade, top with  beer.  If serving a crowd, prepare the panache in a pitcher.  Santé!

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