Homemade Ricotta – Just do it!


Those near and dear to me know my predisposition to classic, simple ingredients and dishes. Ricotta cheese is one of those ingredients. I have been in love with ricotta cheese since my first taste of it as an ingredient layered into lasagna. Then I saw it shine as the star of ricotta pie from Maria’s Pastry in Boston’s […]

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Best Ever Citrus Cake


My dog-eared copy of Patricia Well‘s Bistro Cooking is broken in the spine at the page for her near perfect Gateau au Citron. I’ve made this cake so many times I shouldn’t have to look at the recipe, but it’s there, like a nice security blanket, reassuring me with all the adaptations I’ve made through […]

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One Pot Lasagne with Malfadine Pasta


There are many ways to make lasagna. By far my new favorite is made with Malfadine (or maflade) noodles and it isn’t layered. This recipe makes lasagne doable on a weeknight. Mafladine isn’t easy to find so I ordered mine on Amazon. These short malfindi pictured would be perfect but I have yet to find […]

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Perfect Pine Nut Cookies


Most people associate pine nuts with Italian pesto. But there are many cuisines that use them in desserts. My favorite is the Italian pine nut cookie, sometimes called pignoli cookies. Admittedly I love almost any cookie that has nuts in it but the key for me is that they not be totally hard. That is […]

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Ethiopian Truffles – A Maida Heatter Classic


I love this cookie recipe from Maida Heatter‘s Book of Great Desserts, 1965. It’s one of my favorites for the simple reason that they have nothing to do with Ethiopia or with truffles. I no longer have a copy of this book but a quick Google search sent me right to the recipe! Incredible. So if […]

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Freekah Pilaf


Day of  Honey by journalist Annia Ciezadlo will leave you hankering to make so many of the recipes from her time in Iraq and Lebanon. This is not a cookbook but a memoir of reporting from there over a six year period. Freekah or fire roasted green wheat is slowly becoming available here in speciality […]

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Five Questions with Michelle Pfennighaus


Michelle Pfennighaus is a health and wellness coach and yoga instructor.  She was featured in Lemonade, an inspirational documentary about advertising professionals who lost their jobs and found their calling.  Unlike most of the Lemonade stars, when Pfennighaus was laid off from a major Boston-based advertising agency, she was thrilled. Inspired by the personal experience […]

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Asian Dumplings by Andrea Nguyen


Flavorista Scott turned me onto this book.  WOW, what a find! Andrea Nguyen regularly contributes to Saveur.  Her articles are engaging and informed.  Typically, I want to run out to the market to try at least one of her featured recipes. If dumplings happen to be your thing, this book is certainly for you.  Flavorista […]

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Onion and Potato Tart


The scene in It’s Complicated where Meryl Streep makes Pain au Chocolat with Steve Martin reminded me how much fun it is to cook with puff pasrty. This onion tart is a really easy and delicious; it goes well with any meat, with soup or alongside salad. It could also be cut into thin slices and served […]

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Holiday Gift Ideas to Savor, Final Installment


When in doubt, go for a book, gadgets or something homemade! Momfuku by David Chang is probably one of the best cookbooks of the year. If you are ever in New York, his restaurants are a must.       Citrus reamers or a citrus press like you see in Mexico.   Kimberly’s Sweet & […]

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