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Yuzu Lemons


There are several varieties of citrus that really are incredible: Yuzu lemon is one that I really love almost as much as playing video games with elo boosting services from Boost.  Yuzu is the distinguishing citrus note in one of my favorite Japanese condiments, Ponzu, a soy sauce with some rice vinegar and yuzu lemon juice.  […]

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Almost White Chili -Perfect for Cold Winter Nights

chili bowl

It’s no secret that I am slightly addicted to Pinterest.  It really allows me to use the web very efficiently. The dozen of cookbooks on my shelves are marginally ignored as I have been testing recipes found on Pinterest and adapting them to my tastes at a much more rapid rate. That said, the cookbooks do […]

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Pepper and Onion Sausage Subs


My dear friend and neighbor, Rachelle, works at Farmer’s Market and I am often the lucky recipient of vegetables that didn’t sell or were in especially high quantities.  In additional to market, Ray also has her own large garden. These green lovelies arrived on my porch a few weeks back amidst a hectic deadline and […]

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Zucchini Recipe Round Up


Being away for a few weeks gave our zucchini time to proliferate which reminded me that now is the time to post the best things to do with the plethora of zucchini and yellow squash! My new favorite savory recipe was inspired by a post on food52. I made it recently and served it on […]

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Meatless Monday: Zucchini and Chickpea Couscous


It is that time of year when zucchini is very abundant. One of the many nice things about zucchini is its versatility. It can be made into cakes and cookies and it can be used in countless savory recipes. Always trying to pump up the vegetable consumption in this house, I added some sauteed onion, […]

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Too Hot To Cook? Try Shrimp Taco Salad.


When it is too hot to cook, meal salads make are ideal. This is a recipe featured in Hannaford fresh article that I wrote about simple, seafood recipes. This Mexican-inspired salad takes advantage of pre-cooked cocktail shrimp, avocados seasoned with lime juice and cilantro and fresh vegetables are tossed with a tangy, cumin-scented dressing and […]

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Modern Day Vegetarian Pupu Platter


When I was a kid I insisted on my birthday dinner at New York’s now defunct Trader Vic’s. I loved their pupu platter followed by beef steak teriyaki. PuPu is a Chinese-American phenomenon originating in Hawaii, loosely translated it means “snail” or “small bites.” Traditionally it is very meat and seafood heavy. Crab rangoon, skewered beef […]

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Portuguese Primer


Recently, I was lucky enough to work on an assignment for fresh magazine about Portuguese cooking.  I interviewed Ana Ortins, an expert on the cuisine of Portugal. My first experience with Portuguese specialties was in the early 90’s.  I was managing Turner Fisheries in the Westin Hotel, Boston and my PM bus staff was principally Portuguese.  How I miss […]

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Recipe Round Up


Since everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, we thought we highlight some Irish gastronomic gems:   Kerrygold Colcannon (Potatoes and Cabbage). Kerrygold butter and cheeses are available at many grocery stores.  The milk of grass fed cows makes the best butter and there certainly is lots of green pasture in Ireland.  If you are […]

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Five Questions with Kathy Patalsky


Flavorista found Kathy Patalsky via Twitter and we couldn’t be more impressed. Kathy is the creator of The Lunchbox Bunch and the author of a vegan blog called Healthy. Happy. Life. What is your latest project? An amazing California-wellness themed cookbook. It will include vegan recipes, photos, stories and wellness tips. It’s based on my […]

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