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Summer Vegetable and Sausage Strata


I have been holding onto this dandy for some time, waiting for zucchini and tomatoes to come into season.  The recipe is written by Jess Thomson, a skillful recipe developer and a fantastically funny food blogger who never ceases to make me laugh. The first time I made this strata was about 1 week after […]

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Homemade Orange Sorbet


‘Tis the season for citrus and we were very lucky to receive a largebox of what I thought were tangelos, but as I got to researching this post, I realized that the fruit we juiced and subsequently turned into sobert was probably not tangelos but some sort of oranges. Regardless of the citrus variety, the […]

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Kuri Squash


My newlywed neighbors have started a hand-crafted pasta company.  I was lucky enough to sample some roasted delicata and kuri squash ravioli.  It was ravioli nirvana, I am still having dreams about the toothsome pasta wrapped around a dreamy, yet rich, squash filling perfectly rounded by a touch of marscarpone. I was very curious about […]

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Apple Pie Jam


For years, I have made this jam.  It is really, really, really good.  Just read the reviews on the link and you will see what I mean. With apples starting to wane here in Maine, I wanted to make apple pie jam again, but this year I wanted to make it with more apples and less sugar.  After […]

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Autumn Recipe Round Up


It seems like yesterday that I was bemoaning all of our early summer rain and now it is time for pumpkins.  Sheesh, where does the time go? Photo by Patricia Sundik Apples, pears, potatoes and pumpkins! Get ready for fall with these flavorista autumn favorites: Barr’s Applesauce Cake Recipe Round Up: Apple Desserts Poached Pears Pumpkin […]

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Lollie’s Lunchbox Applesauce


So we are officially in “Back to School” mode and again it is all about what to pack for lunch?  In my haste to sample fall’s first apples, I ended up with some slightly sour Paula Reds, so I decided to sweeten the apples up in the form of applesauce. Lo and behold, my most […]

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Ode to Apricots – Part I


Apricots are one of my absolute favorite fruits. They are beautiful to look at and to hold.  Making preserves is probably one of my most cherished summer traditions.  Late in the winter, apricot preserves invite me to recall warmer days.  We call it summer sunshine on toast. Partly because of the timing of the road trip […]

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Kitty’s Blueberry Lime Jam


We have got a bad case of the “summer is ending soon” blues in our house, trying to cram in as many trips to the beach and pool as is humanly possible before school starts next Wednesday (eek). The only other blues around here come in the form of berries.  Despite the crazy weather this summer, lots […]

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Weekend Assignment – S’mores


Many thanks to flavorista Julie for this fabulously inspiring photo.  Depending on your personality, this photo either makes you want to run for the wet wipes or take a giant, messy bite.  I would go for the mess all day long. If you have never made s’mores, you need Hershey Chocolate Bars, Giant Marshmallows and Graham […]

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Rhubarb BBQ Sauce


Well rhubarb has gone full circle in my kitchen: Traditional stewed rhubarb from the Fanny Farmer Cookbook, totally amazing rhubarb jam and a tangy, sweet rhubarb BBQ sauce. This recipe for compote is still on my list but rhubarb is on the wane so it might have to wait until next year.  It is now time for […]

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