Vegetable Egg Scramble


veggie scramble 3

People often ask me what I like to eat when I am not working on recipes for an assignment. This vegetable scramble is a pretty typical breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner at my table. It uses up leftover vegetables and is wholly satisfying. This version was comprised of corn, broccoli and goat cheese.  I also favor sauteed mushrooms, broccoli and cream cheese with a small sprinkling of cheddar.

vegetable scramble

To make my version of a veggie scramble, I warm up the veggies with a touch of water (or a bit of butter if I am feeling extravagant). Then I whisk up some eggs. It is a good week here at Casa Mayone because Maverick is babysitting our neighbor’s chickens and we get all the eggs. YES!

veggie scramble 2

When the veggies are hot, I turn the heat down, add the eggs, some cheese and a few turns of pepper. I let the eggs cook slowly and stir them gently with a rubber spatula so that there are pockets of warm, melted cheese. If fresh herbs are on hand, I sprinkle some on top.

vegetable scramble 4

Eggs are not very glamorous. They are simple, versatile and good. Eggs a definitely a favorite around here, except for Maverick, he won’t touch them with a 10-foot pole unless they are baked into a chocolate cake.


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