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Pumpkin Pie Baked Oatmeal Muffins


In the midst of a global pandemic, comfort can come in many forms. My comfort is cooking and feeding people. When Barr and I started Flavorista in 2008, our lives were very different. Our children were much younger and we were working towards that elusive equilibrium of personal, family and marital balance. Fast forward 12 […]

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The Ingenuity of Raw Food – Part 1


Regardless of what you think of this food fad/lifestyle change, I have learned so much from raw foodists, the likes of Roxanne Klein and the amazing folks at Cafe Gratitude in the San Francisco Bay area. Some things are too much for me and others are just "aha" food moments. The principle behind raw food is […]

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“What can I bring?” Part II


How about a big bowl of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories? Sounds tasty right? Well in this case it is.  This is my favorite recipe for cranberry relish, but then again I like just about anything cranberry. I adapted this recipe right from the bag of Ocean Spray whole cranberries over 18 years ago and it just gets better […]

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Take and Bake Cookie Doughs: Move Over Pillsbury!


From the basic to the grown up, there are new companies jumping into the prepared cookie dough game, and it’s about time! The Ice Box Bakery out of Boulder has some wonderful flavors of all natural cookie dough: Cherry Pie, Ginger Spice in addition to Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter and Sugar Cookie. Another company out […]

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Vegetarian Turkey?


I have a vegetarian son who is looking forward to Thanksgiving because he can have Quorn roast. Never mind that he has these products every week, as it is a great source of protein for him.  Made from a myco-protein (meaning it’s derived from mushrooms, but they don’t taste anything like mushrooms) Quorn products are soy-free. […]

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Ann Cooper, not your everyday “Lunch Lady”


I had the great pleasure of hearing Ann Cooper, author of Lunch Lessons and Bitter Harvest speak this week at the 5th Annual Naturally Boulder Days Conference. She is the self proclaimed "renegade lunch lady" and indeed she is. Her mission is to change children’s relationship with food in the hopes that she can reverse some of […]

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Tai’s Pepita Pesto – Cooking with Green Pumpkin Seeds, II


In an earlier post on green pumpkin seeds, I eluded to a pesto created by Tai Leavitt, of Val 21 restaurant in San Francisco.  Being the queen of schmootz, I offer this up as a great dipping sauce for roasted potatoes or grilled chicken. At Val 21, we stuffed pepita pesto into chicken breasts.  We would pan fry […]

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Going with a New Grain – Red Quinoa


My friends at The Organic Dish, here in Boulder, introduced me to red quinoa. I was familiar with the more common, pale quinoa but find this red variety far more flavorful and fluffy.  It looks fantastic in grain-focused side dishes and salads. With a protein content of 12-14%, it makes a healthy choice for vegetarians and […]

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Cooking with Green Pumpkin Seeds – Pepitas


Green pumpkin seeds, also called pepitas, are really wonderful and versatile. When you roast them in a skillet, they pop. With a little salt and pepper, they are great to eat. A favorite at parties, I  sometimes add spices, like ground cumin and coriander, while they are roasting.  Being a seed, pepitas contain lots of […]

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The Best Brown Sugars


With the baking season upon us, we will be bringing you lots of home baking ideas.  Brown sugar is a key ingredient in many baked goods, so I wanted to highlight two of the best brown sugars in the marketplace:  Wholesome Sweeteners and India Tree. For my own baking, I can no longer bring myself […]

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