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Grand Marnier Balsamic Berries


Summer = fresh berries. YAY! It is finally strawberry season here in Maine which means it is time to pick, pick, pick and jam, jam, jam. It would be silly not to eat as many berries out of hand as possible during the fleeting  season. Strawberry Shortcake is the perennial favorite so this dessert might […]

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Amanda Hesser’s Chocolate Dump it Cake


If it is your job to bring dessert to the next neighborhood party, make this cake! I have been making it for years, ever since Amanda Hesser published Cooking for Mr. Latte in 2004. The recipe actaully belongs to Amanda's mother who often baked at night which is one of my habits as well. The […]

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Meatless Monday: Banana Almond Vegan “Ice Cream”


During my vegan detox, one thing that I missed was ice cream. I come from a long line of ice cream lovers and knew that I would have to come up with a plan to fill the ice cream void. Canned coconut milk is a luxurious ingredient, it adds an unmistakable richness to Thai and […]

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Experiments in Chinese Baking – Almond Cookies


These delightful almond cookies are just the best. They are so much tastier than the ones you buy at the store. I like these all year round. This almond cookie recipe came from a teacher at my children’s preschool a few years back. Unfortunately, I lost the original recipe so I had to go from […]

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Good Ol’ Chocolate Pudding (and pie!)


I have been searching around for the best recipe and finally ended up with this one. While many easy pudding recipes call for just cornstarch, I find that this one which combines egg yolk and cornstarch to has the best texture. It also holds together longer in the refrigerator. If you have issues with cornstarch […]

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Feel Less Guilty Chocolate Bundt Cake


If you are weary of all of the holiday overindulgence that is about to ensue, I suggest you continue to read for a recipe that you can feel good about and have your chocolate too. Chia seeds are becoming the buzz ingredient in many natural foods products. This is a recipe I developed in 2004, […]

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A Sweet Tooth’s Dream – Ooey Gooey S’more Cookie Bar Treats


Camping out and summer time bonfires on the beach are not the only times you can enjoy the decadent s’more. This recipe is adapted from the Hershey’s website. My changes included using a dark chocolate candy bar and cinnamon flavored graham crackers. One bite will transport you back to your summer s’mores moment, minus the […]

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Easy, Outstanding Pear Cake


The following post is brought to you by happy kitchen serendipity.  Starting with my neighbor, Eliza, who had a bumper crop of pears this year.  Our hot, dry summer delivered an early harvest of sweet, juicy pears.  If you need a second opinion, feel free to ask the neighborhood children who plucked pears from the […]

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Chocolate Zucchini Cake


If you have zucchini coming out of your ears, we have posted some good ideas here and here.  This cake is one of my favorite ways to use up bountiful summer zucchini. The recipe in Saveur magazine a few years back but when I pulled the recipe from my stack of recipes to post, I […]

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Cupcakes with Blue Frosting and Blue Sprinkles


Vincenzo and I made these cupcakes to celebrate the last day of school.  It has taken much too long to get this post up.  But alas, school is out and I spend most of my days not seeing straight. This Joy of Baking recipe was quite good.  It resulted in 12 yummy, bakery-quality cupcakes.  I […]

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