How to Dress Up a Cheese Plate



Lately, I have been noticing some pretty amazing things at the cheese counters where I shop. In San Francisco’s Bi Rite, I found this little treasure of dried apricots layered with chopped pistachios from Valley Produce Company in Australia.  We paired thin slices of the fruit paste with some amazing wasabi flavored goat cheese.  This combination might sound strange but it wasn’t too spicy; the cheese had just the right amount of horseradish flavor and it was lovely served with the dried fruit. Other varieties from this company include: pear/hazelnut and fig/almond.

The Spanish classic, Membrillo, is commonly served with Manchego cheese and Marcona almonds. Made of quince, this delicious sweet, tart fruit paste is something I could easily snack on without cheese.
Cheese and crackers doesn’t have to be an ordinary affair.  With a little savvy shopping, your cheese plate can be a show stopper.  Don’t just throw cheese and crackers out there, dress it up with minimal effort. The results will be appreciated!

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