Yogurt Dreams Come True



I have a thing for yogurt, really good thick yogurt like they have in France.  Greek-style yogurt is pretty excellent, but this water buffalo yogurt from Vermont is just off the charts.  I will not pretend to know the chemistry of water buffalo milk versus cow milk; but the difference is clearly apparent in yogurt.  Super thick, super creamy yogurt with a richness beyond compare.  Decadent and yogurt are not two words I would typically put together, but in this case, it is a total fit.  I eat this yogurt as a special snack or for dessert topped with cherry preserves.  My dreams of French yogurt have come true.

Bufala di Vermont is one of only two water buffalo creameries in all of the US.  Their products are available in the six New England states, New Jersey and New York. The company’s website is quite thorough and even contains some recipes.  Many of their products are also available through mail order.

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