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Pinterest Love

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OK, I confess, I have a new love. Pinterest. For those of you who are uninitiated, Pinterest is a great search engine that allows you to “pin” on to virtual bulletin boards all the things that you think are fabulous. I have several “boards” and use them constantly. For example, if you are really interested […]

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Real Chocolate Sprinkles!


Whether you call them jimmies, shots or sprinkles, I have got the thing for you! Sprinkles that are made from actual chocolate. Oh my! It is an instant upgrade to any dish of ice cream. Guittard Chocolate Sprinkles from King Arthur'sOnline Store This small obsession I have with real chocolate sprinkles began when I had […]

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A Family Project: Rice and Beans for Haiti


My heart is aching for the people of Haiti.  At my first “real” job in Boston, the majority of my staff was Haitian: Aloudes, Jean, Lucien and Martine, just to name a few, I even remember MArtine coming in with her baby on the Bob 2016 Revolution Flex stroller every day.  It was many years ago but I […]

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The Holiday Table – Pie Round Up


I belong to the school of thought that pie is good year round, but especially good around the holidays.  Pies can be made a day ahead of the festivities and since each pie usually feeds 8 people, it doesn’t take too many pies to easily feed a crowd. All of the featured pies have been […]

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Fabulous Neighbors and Fabulous Food


Here in the hood, grapevines divide the yards and grills are often shared.  We have been enjoying warm days so grilling is still quite common as compared to braving zero degree temperatures for burgers in January. The other night, the “big, fat, juicy steak” requested by my children co-mingled with my neighbor’s Greek Lamb Kebabs.  Eliza’s “lamb lollipops” looked so […]

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Shark’s Fin and Sichaun Pepper Indeed!


Fuchsia Dunlop’s memoir is the best way to vicariously travel through China. Dunlop spent years exploring many of China’s provinces and has written several cookbooks, articles and even has a blog. I heartily recommend this fascinating culinary trip through many of China’s provinces. Dunlop was the first foreigner to ever attend the Sichuan Institute of […]

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Dr. Feelgood’s Chocolate Cake


Well flavoristas, it has been a year since we began blogging and 300 posts later we still have a bajillion things that we want to pass along to you.  Barr and I enjoy sharing our kitchens and our finds with you.  We love the swiftness of blogging:  Writing about blueberries during blueberry season is much more fun […]

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A Little Summer Blog Love


Blue Hill Farmer’s Market, 2008 The recipe intended for today’s post was well…not very good, definitely not flavorista worthy  So today, there will be some blog love.  As for the subpar sesame noodles, I’ll get back to you. In the meantime, check out these yummy blogs: Sassy Radish is written by a self-proclaimed finance geek, […]

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Maple Syrup Sandwich Bread


A few nights back, we had a coolish afternoon and evening.  It was also a bit damp and I was feeling the urge to bake bread.  I love baking bread and my family loves to eat it.  Rock Star status is guaranteed when I pull a yeasty, golden loaf from the oven. Life around here often dictates […]

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Sahadi’s and Taramosalata

Sahadi's and Taramosalata

When I used to live in Brooklyn Heights, I could easily jaunt over to Alantic Avenue to Sahadi’s for my favorite Middle Eastern foods. It was here that I was introduced to taramosalata – a salty, lightly pink creamy schmootz. The main ingredient is tarama which is fish roe (eggs from cod or carp) but don’t let […]

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