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Pineapples, Poke, Poi and Cookies?


If a vacation to Hawaii is not on your calender, the next best thing is wonderful friends who bring you an edible souvenir of Hawaiian shortbread cookies from Honolulu.  I am not sure if it is the cuteness of these cookies that gets me or the fact they that are really, really yummy.  I could honestly […]

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Halloween Treats for Big Kids


Tonight, along with ghosts and witches, there will be a mass pile-up of Milky Ways, Skittles, Twizzlers and Sugar Babies.  There will also be plenty of “sugar children” after the consumption of all these Halloween treats.  Luckily, Halloween falls on a Friday this year, so after all the doorbell ringing, we’ll gather at a neighbor’s […]

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Yogurt Dreams Come True


  I have a thing for yogurt, really good thick yogurt like they have in France.  Greek-style yogurt is pretty excellent, but this water buffalo yogurt from Vermont is just off the charts.  I will not pretend to know the chemistry of water buffalo milk versus cow milk; but the difference is clearly apparent in […]

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If you are a peanut lover…


  Some of our dear friends travelled to Virginia on vacation and brought back some edible souvenirs from The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg.  I was lucky enough to receive a tin of these peanuts as a gift and I will never look at peanuts the same again.  These extra-large, extra-crisp, lightly salted and roasted peanuts are […]

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Time for Teaism


The first time I sipped at Teaism was such a treat that I can vividly recall the aromatic teas, salty oat cookies and ginger scones.  Not a fancy place, Teaism just does things right.  Barr asked that I specifically mention their chai tea, which she finds uncommonly good and fantastically prepared. There are three Teaism locations in […]

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This Ricotta Rules!


Most commercial ricotta cheese is ubiquitous, nondescript.  It works just fine as a filling for lasagna or as a base for Italian cheesecake, but ricotta is not usually the belle of the ball.  I have a new favorite ricotta to eat off the spoon: Maplebrook Farm Whole Milk Ricotta.  It is creamy, even silky.  Its taste […]

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Radish Lovers Take Note


It happened last week at  Whole Foods; I found a vegetable new to me!  I LOVE when this happens.  It feels like striking gold on the clearance rack but instead of something to wear, it’s something to eat.  What is the remarkable vegetable in question?  Watermelon Radish. These stunning roots are an heirloom variety of daikon radish.  Watermelon radishes do […]

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Potato Harvest 2008


My seven year old son, Maverick*, grew potatoes this year.  For two years, he has been a single crop farmer.  Last year, he grew corn in his 3×4 foot patch of earth.  Planting seed potatoes was fun:  Prep the soil.  Make little mounds.  Insert seed potatoes.  Water and watch for potato worms.  Harvest (late summer/early fall).  […]

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Spice Girl


Savory Spice of Colorado is my favorite place to buy spices. The Johnstons’ opened their first store in Denver and recently opend a second in Boulder. Fret not, they also have a fantastic website that features wonderful recipes and all kinds of ways to use their concoctions. One of my favorites is Capital Hill Seasoning. I […]

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