Halloween Treats for Big Kids


Tonight, along with ghosts and witches, there will be a mass pile-up of Milky Ways, Skittles, Twizzlers and Sugar Babies.  There will also be plenty of “sugar children” after the consumption of all these Halloween treats.  Luckily, Halloween falls on a Friday this year, so after all the doorbell ringing, we’ll gather at a neighbor’s home for some grown up drinks, music and fun.

Here’s a sampling of candies, confections and chocolates that are at the top of my Halloween  wishlist:

Sweet Marguerites are fancy chocolates from my hometown.  These superb chocolates are filled with top notch pistachio and coffee creams.

For me, Neuhaus chocolate is just beyond words.  Every bite is a “please don’t stop” moment.

Jacques Torres knows his chocolate.  A pastry chef by training, Torres exhibits his true passion with his signature chocolates.

Let me count the ways that I love Bruttles.  These peanut butter and chocolate confections are creamy and crispy at the same time.  I read about them in Saveur magazine and ordered them for my mom as a gift.

“Modjeskas” were created in 1889 at Bauer’s Candy, in Kentucky in honor of a celebrated Polish actress.  These are a two bite candy and it is tough to stop at only one.  The children can keep their Sugar Babies, I’ll take a “Modjeska ” thank you very much.

My little tiger, Vincenzo*, before the candy pile-up.  Halloween 2007.

*screen name


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