Pineapples, Poke, Poi and Cookies?


If a vacation to Hawaii is not on your calender, the next best thing is wonderful friends who bring you an edible souvenir of Hawaiian shortbread cookies from Honolulu.  I am not sure if it is the cuteness of these cookies that gets me or the fact they that are really, really yummy.  I could honestly hear them calling me through the cabinet as I typed into the night.  I actually hid them from my husband and children.

Now, I know that Hawaii is not known for its cookies.  When one conjures up Hawaii, it involves beaches, amazing seafood, hula dancing, volcanos and pineapples.  Honolulu Cookie Company should make the list!  There was a tie for my favorite flavor: Dark Chocolate Kona Coffee and straight Butter Macadamia.  I am not sure when I’ll get to go to Hawaii (it’s on the "when I win the Powerball list").  Until then, I can always order more cookies and daydream.

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