Freekah Pilaf


Day of ¬†Honey by journalist Annia Ciezadlo will leave you hankering to make so many of the recipes from her time in Iraq and Lebanon. This is not a cookbook but a memoir of reporting from there over a six year period. Freekah or fire roasted green wheat is slowly becoming available here in speciality […]

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Meatless Monday – Quinoa Patties


This recipe was inspired by a pin I found on pinterest. The original recipe is from Spoon, Fork and Bacon. I've been making these a lot this summer. There's been no complaints and loads of compliments. It's a very versatile recipe in that any good quality cheese works and you can also add other vegetables […]

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Cool, Creamy Cucumbers


Hot weather in the Rockies calls for cool salad ideas. One of my favorite salads is a simple cucumber made with Fage yogurt. I have made this before with Bulgarian style yogurt  but this thick Greek yogurt takes the prize. Seriously thick, there is no sense of depravation with the o% fat. For those of […]

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Amanda Hesser’s Chocolate Dump it Cake


If it is your job to bring dessert to the next neighborhood party, make this cake! I have been making it for years, ever since Amanda Hesser published Cooking for Mr. Latte in 2004. The recipe actaully belongs to Amanda's mother who often baked at night which is one of my habits as well. The […]

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Coconut Thumbprint Cookies with Salted Caramel


These Martha Stewart dandies were Mimi’s Mother’s day present this year and oh my were they ever good. Part cookie, part candy and full of coconut – what’s not to love? Did I mention, 3, yes 3, sticks of butter? As with most Martha recipes, these came together exactly as the recipe stated. I made […]

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Rhubarb Polenta Cake


About two weeks ago, I arrived home to a large bunch of gorgeous, fuschia rhubarb delivered by a dear friend who knows of and shares in my love of rhubarb. Three cheers for door to door rhubarb deliveries. And as the cooking gods would have it, the lovely Alana over at Eating from the Ground […]

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One Pot Dinners from the Web


Keeping a blog does require a fair amount of keeping up to date with other blogs on the web. For the most part this is a pleasure but at times it can be a chore as there are literally millions of food blogs out there. Two of my personal favorites are food52 and The Kitchn. […]

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Ring Ding Cake


If you are from the east coast then you might know about Ring Dings. I think west of the Mississippi they are called Ho Ho's, either way this cake was inspired by my favorite treat when I was a kid. This is a super easy cake to make and you don't even need an electric […]

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Simply Organic French Onion Dip


Allow me to introduce you to the little black dress of my pantry: Simply Organic French Onion Dip. My neighbor, Eliza, turned me onto to it several years ago when she served it at a party. I seriously could not stop eating it – like get your face out of the dip bowl Mayone. This […]

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