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Queen of Schmootz Holiday Amuse Bouche – Part I


 I first discovered Lima Bean Skordalia at Market Hall in Rockridge. This delightful, light green schmootz is made by The Pasta Shop.  It is very garlicky and wonderful. Serve it with Pita crisps.   Lima Bean Puree   Make up two two days ahead, bring to room temperature before serving.   1 lb frozen baby lima […]

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Super Macho Nachos


No matter what your favorite sport; nachos are perfect for game day/race day fare.  I worked on this recipe last year.  It was definitely developed with men in mind, thus the recipe name.  It is full of meat, cheese and hot peppers.  Bring it on! Super Macho Nachos 14 cup finely chopped onion 1/2 pound […]

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How to Dress Up a Cheese Plate, III


I love to include marinated goat cheese on my cheese plates. Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy here in Boulder makes an exceptional one but it is a little pricey (with good reason as the ingredients are very high quality). The good news is that marinated goat cheese is remarkably easy to make. It only takes a few days for […]

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How to Dress Up a Cheese Plate, II


"And don’t forget the crackers" – as Wallace of Wallace and Gromit will remind you. While I stand by my Triscuit Thins Crisps, I like to combine them with these other amazing crackers. 34 Degrees Crispbread are attractive, thin crackers that are wonderful for soft cheeses (and schmootz’s). Mary’s Gone Crackers  are gluten free but don’t […]

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How to Dress Up a Cheese Plate


  Lately, I have been noticing some pretty amazing things at the cheese counters where I shop. In San Francisco’s Bi Rite, I found this little treasure of dried apricots layered with chopped pistachios from Valley Produce Company in Australia.  We paired thin slices of the fruit paste with some amazing wasabi flavored goat cheese.  This combination […]

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Ode to Trader Joe’s


One thing I really miss living in Colorado is Trader Joe’s. This grocery chain has a knack for not only producing decent pre-made foods but also for having unusual items for the creative cook. For the quality of product, the prices cannot be beat.  I am so obsessed that I make sure whenever I’m in a state that has […]

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Easy, Pleasing Meatloaf


We like meatloaf of all varieties because it is easy to put together, budget-friendly and pretty darn tasty.  Personally, I am a big fan of the leftover meatloaf sandwich.  When I saw this 5-ingredient recipe in a women’s magazine, I thought to myself that it was too easy and too simple to possibly taste good.  Well, […]

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Fantastic Figs


When I lived in California, so many people had fig trees.  This time of year was replete with this biblical fruit. Not only are figs fiber and calcium rich, they are also natural humectants making them ideal for use in energy bars. Pressed fig almond cakes are the proverbial first energy bars. These huge cakes originated in Spain.  They are made […]

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Ratatouille, Roasted & Reconstructed


This dish was inspired by the beautiful, amethyst eggplants from Abbondanza Farm at the Boulder Farmer’s Market.  Abbondanza specializes in heirloom varieties of vegetables and seeds.  Their stall is always a joy to visit. Somehow, I wanted to showcase these beauties.  I wasn’t able to achieve that goal because the stunning purple faded during cooking.  Instead, what I ended up […]

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Queen of Schmootz


  I hope that when I’ve long left this earth, I will be remembered for my purees, mashes, or quite simply put, schmootz’s. I love to experiment with different ingredients and never tire of creating new combinations. The dip on the left has its origins in one of my favorite cookbooks from the fabulous Greek restaurant in […]

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