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Indian Spiced Cashew, Almond & Pistachio Brittle


This brittle is wonderful to have around during the holidays and makes a great hostess gift. It is important to have a candy thermometer for this recipe as once the sugar hits 350°F, you have to work very quickly. I usually turn the heat off at 300°F and start working as sugar, like oil, keeps cooking even […]

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Coconut Almond Granola


This has been one of my most loved homemade holiday gifts for years.  The dates are chewy; the oats, cereal and almonds supply all the crunch you’ll need and the tropical notes of the coconut are welcomed on cold winter mornings.  Last year, this recipe was featured in a recipe round up in fresh magazine. Coconut […]

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Satsuma Centerpiece for the Thanksgiving Table


Satsuma tangerines are one of the highlights of Fall for me.  These little, clementine-like fruits are sweet and perfumey.  They are super-easy to peel and they have no seeds.  At market they are sold with leaves attached, making them pretty too. Fill your favorite bowl with satsumas and voilá, you have a centerpiece and a […]

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Market Lunch in Eastern Market, Washington, D.C.


Years ago, Kimberly and I were at the Natural Products Expo East working at the Odwalla/Fresh Samantha booth and we needed a serious break from the convention floor. I had lived in D.C in the 1980’s and loved making the pilgrimage to the Eastern Market. Ready, willing and able to look at produce just like […]

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Ode to Trader Joe’s


One thing I really miss living in Colorado is Trader Joe’s. This grocery chain has a knack for not only producing decent pre-made foods but also for having unusual items for the creative cook. For the quality of product, the prices cannot be beat.  I am so obsessed that I make sure whenever I’m in a state that has […]

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Easy Apples


This is another of my favorite gizmo’s: I got this apple peeling gadget from L.L. Bean many years ago when I was first married.  I get so many comments from people, especially kids, who come into my kitchen to visit.  While it may seem ridiculous to have something that just peels apples, it is really useful for […]

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Fantastic Figs


When I lived in California, so many people had fig trees.  This time of year was replete with this biblical fruit. Not only are figs fiber and calcium rich, they are also natural humectants making them ideal for use in energy bars. Pressed fig almond cakes are the proverbial first energy bars. These huge cakes originated in Spain.  They are made […]

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Yes, There are American Culinary Traditions!


Molly O’Neill is a Flavorista Icon because she is fervently working  to document our melting pot culinary heritage. She is a great storyteller, food writer, critic and chef. Back in 1992, she started on her quest with the New York Cookbook which is still in print sixteen years later! This is such an amazing tome of recipes […]

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Food Literature – Animal, Vegetable, Miracle


I am almost finished reading this wonderful book on growing and eating one’s own food by Barbara Kingsolver.  The author and her family chronicled an entire year of being “localvores”, those who live off what their land produces, supplemented only by food available locally.  I recommend this book to anyone who is completely out of touch with how food is grown and […]

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Ratatouille, Roasted & Reconstructed


This dish was inspired by the beautiful, amethyst eggplants from Abbondanza Farm at the Boulder Farmer’s Market.  Abbondanza specializes in heirloom varieties of vegetables and seeds.  Their stall is always a joy to visit. Somehow, I wanted to showcase these beauties.  I wasn’t able to achieve that goal because the stunning purple faded during cooking.  Instead, what I ended up […]

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