Cool Sips for Hot Days

Rhubard Spritz

My family loves bubbles in drinks. We have grown extremely fond of our Soda Stream and as a result I’ve been making loads of concoctions. Before the advent of the Soda Stream we used the old faithful seltzer maker – and while it’s a bit more attractive, it’s not as convenient. Here are a few […]

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Real martinis are made with gin!


No.3 Gin to be exact. A recent trip to Boston provided me with the opportunity to try a gin new to US markets. Full disclosure: I am very fond of gin and happen to think it is marvelous mixed with tonic or swirled with vermouth in a classic martini. No.3 Gin has a great story […]

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Mojitos in a Minute


Dear Flavorista Readers, Before today's post, I would like to apologize for being so absent in the last few months. I have been hard at work on a project that is launching in the fall and I cannot wait to tell you about it but I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement so mum's the […]

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Classic Cocktail – The Harvey Wallbanger


Mark your calenders flavoristas and buy some Galliano because tomorrow is Harvey Wallbanger Day. What is a Harvey Wallbanger you might ask? It is a 1960’s era cocktail inspired by a California surfer named Harvey who, after a bad day, had a few too many of these tasty tipples. In an attempt to exit the […]

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Summer Sips – Royal Jubilee


Looking for a lovely cocktail to sip as the summer winds down?  Royal Combier is a an orange kissed brandy with delicate hints of cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg. A Royal Jubilee (recipe below) uses lemon and mint to accent the classic, French elixir creating a cocktail that is so sippable and so refreshing. 2 oz […]

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Coconut Water Agua Fresca


A recent trip to Mexico preceded by Natural Products Expo inspired this post.  Coconut water is a natural isotonic. Next to water it is the best way to rehydrate if you are dehydrated which is the main reason why athletes and weekend warriors alike are buying the retail brands Zico, O.N.E. and the high pressure pasteurized, Harmless […]

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Food 52’s Mint Syrup


When I read this post on food52, I knew that the mint syrup portion of the limeade would be making an appearance at my house over the summer.  Might it be possible to make a mojito-like cocktail without muddling?  Mint Juleps also quickly came to mind. I am happy to report yeses on the cocktail […]

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Summer Sip – Panaché


There are many versions of beer and lemonade cocktails.  The English have shandies, the Germans have Radlers and the French have Panachés.  I am going to have to side with the French on this one. I learned about this beer cocktail many moons ago at a Summer Fancy Food Show and have been enjoying it […]

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Summer Sips – Kir Royale


When the calender turns to June, it is time to start enjoying summer sips.  A well made kir royale is one of my most favorite summer drinks.  Made with black currant liqueur and champagne, a kir royale is as tasty as it is pretty. I like to chill my creme de cassis because it doesn’t […]

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Holiday Tipples – Three Champagne Punches


‘Tis the time of year for making and drinking punch, all three of these recipes would work nicely at your holiday event.  I am a big fan of punch because it makes beverage service at a party so easy.  And seriously, is there anything more festive than punch?   Martha Stewart’s Pomegranate Champagne Punch I […]

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