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Shine On Silvery Moon


If you are looking for a totally delish cheese for New Year’s celebrations, give Silvery Moon Creamery cheeses a try.  All of the varieties are produced with milk from Smiling Hill Farm.  Several of Silvery Moon’s cheeses have been award winning:  Creme Fraiche, Tuscan Herbed Curd, Tally-Ho with Peppercorns. Currently, these cheeses are available in […]

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For the foodie who has everything, try ver jus.


Ver Jus means "green juice" and it is a wonderful "aha" ingredient for cooking. It is made from juicing unripened Cabernet and Merlot grapes. Ver Jus is unfermented and it would make a splendid gift for any foodie.  Both Navarro Vineyards and Terra Sonoma  sell it online, but a really good gourmet shop or wine shop might stock it as […]

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Wasabi Goat Cheese?


  The folks at the Cowgirl Creamery in Pt. Reye’s Station, CA are amazing artisanal cheesemakers. My Remodelista friend, Julie, recently turned me on to this incredible wasabi goat cheese sold at Cowgirl Creamery.  This chevre presents an amazing range of flavors.  The wasabi makes you think this will be spicy hot.  Instead, it is […]

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East Coast Thanksgiving Recap


This post could also be aptly titled "What is Great about Thanksgiving."  This year, we celebrated the holiday at my sister in law’s home.  Rose and her husband, Mark, are gracious hosts and fantastic cooks.  The meal was superb, 22 guests in all and not so much as a hiccup.  Rose’s meal is a very smart […]

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Pineapples, Poke, Poi and Cookies?


If a vacation to Hawaii is not on your calender, the next best thing is wonderful friends who bring you an edible souvenir of Hawaiian shortbread cookies from Honolulu.  I am not sure if it is the cuteness of these cookies that gets me or the fact they that are really, really yummy.  I could honestly […]

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Ann Cooper, not your everyday “Lunch Lady”


I had the great pleasure of hearing Ann Cooper, author of Lunch Lessons and Bitter Harvest speak this week at the 5th Annual Naturally Boulder Days Conference. She is the self proclaimed "renegade lunch lady" and indeed she is. Her mission is to change children’s relationship with food in the hopes that she can reverse some of […]

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Halloween Treats for Big Kids


Tonight, along with ghosts and witches, there will be a mass pile-up of Milky Ways, Skittles, Twizzlers and Sugar Babies.  There will also be plenty of “sugar children” after the consumption of all these Halloween treats.  Luckily, Halloween falls on a Friday this year, so after all the doorbell ringing, we’ll gather at a neighbor’s […]

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“Five Questions” with Adam Platt


My long time friend Adam, whom I met while living in Washington, D.C. is a restaurant critic and food writer for New York magazine.  I have shared some wonderful meals with Adam and he taught me how to order sushi. He also makes a killer Chinese sesame noodle dish (we’ll have to talk him out of the recipe). As a child, […]

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Yogurt Dreams Come True


  I have a thing for yogurt, really good thick yogurt like they have in France.  Greek-style yogurt is pretty excellent, but this water buffalo yogurt from Vermont is just off the charts.  I will not pretend to know the chemistry of water buffalo milk versus cow milk; but the difference is clearly apparent in […]

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“Five Questions” with Marsha Cade


An ardent supporter of artisan and local foods, Marsha Cade is the first Flavorista to be highlighted in our "Five Questions" feature. What is your latest project? My business partner, Caragh Whalen, and I recently launched a new e-commerce site RegionalBest.com offering some of the best local foods from across the country: Crab cakes from Maryland, […]

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